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Priestley’s Estate Agency successfully collaborate with Bradford University Students

On Tuesday 24th of July, 3rd year master students from Bradford University School of Management presented their recommendations to Priestley’s as part of their dissertation.

Three groups of students presented recommendations to improve the efficiency of Priestley’s business.

Group 3 is lead by Priestley’s Leeds Branch manager Samantha Tetley. Sam has worked closely with her group over the past 3 weeks to help tackle the issue arising from educating tenants and landlords. Strategies and laws within estate management and sales are continuously evolving. Educating tenants and landlords with new procedures and identifying the increase in efficiency have proven difficult at times. It is human nature to not travel outside the path of the social norm. However, Priestley’s continue to evolve their strategy and this entails strategies outside of the social norm. Landlords and tenants fear change and this is a struggle that Sam faces every day. Group 3 delivered an amazing report that Samantha will inject into her management procedures within the Leeds Branch. Receiving suggestions and intel from a third party outside of the business is vital when improving efficiency.

Group 2 is lead by Priestley’s Bradford Branch manager Andrea Binns. Andi held several meetings in the Bradford Branch to discuss strategies with the students. Group 2 also had several meetings with Andi’s team member to locate information relevant to their presentation. Over the course of the 3 weeks study, Andi underlined the issue regarding consistency to maintain high customer service. During the hight of the student intake, Priestley’s is inundated with applications and move ins. It is inevitable that some clients may receive below our minimum standard of customer service relating to the speed in which an application is processed. Group 2 delivered a structured resolution to this issue and provided Andi with a view outside of the Priestley’s that will prove invaluable.

Group 1 is lead by Priestley’s Managing Director James Priestley. James liaised with his group across both branches. In order to maintain a 5 star rating, all aspects of the business need to be working efficiently. It had come to James’s attention that the maintenance side of Priestley’s was becoming difficult for 2 members of staff to manage. Therefore, the task was directed at researching the positives and negatives of potentially outsourcing the maintenance department. Group 3 produced a flawless presentation that surgically identified key aspects of outsourcing Priestley’s maintenance department. These suggestions will certainly be implemented when making the final decision.

Overall, the partnership between Priestley’s Estate Agency and Bradford University is prosperous and successful.

The Team at Priestley’s look forward to future collaborations with Bradford University to build on the already successful relationship.